Flux Compactifications and Double Field Theory G. Aldazabal
The LARGE Volume String Scenarios F. Quevedo
Signatures of Low Scale strings and Extra Dimensions I. Antoniadis
The Photon Magnetic Moment and Red Shift H. Pérez-Rojas
Old and New No-Go Theorems for Massless Particles in Flat Space M. Porrati
Brane Interactions: Space Dimensionality, Inflation Cosmic Superstrings M. Sakellariadou
Cosmic Ray Physics in ALICE K. Shtejer
An Overview of the ALICE experiment at LHC A. Fantoni
Study of Stability Properties of Super-Heavy Elements using the Two Center Shell Model L. Felipe-Ruiz
Nuclear Modification Factor and Heavy Baryon to Meson Ratio from Dynamical Quark Recombination Model E. Cuautle
\Lambda^0 and anti-\Lambda^0 Strange Baryons Production in pp Collisions at 7TeV in the ALICE experiment L. Calero
From D-Branes to Geometry: How to Generate Supergravity Solutions from String Amplitudes R. Russo
Black Hole Perturbation J. L. Bernal
Open Strings and D-branes M. Bianchi
Instanton Corrections in Gauge Theories Realized via D-branes M. Billó
D-Branes: Applications to SUSY Gauge Theories A. Lerda
Fermions on Thick D-branes O. Castillo-Felisola
Recent Results on Higgs Boson Searches at the LHC J. A. Valls
The Higgs Odyssey: SM and Beyond J. L. Diaz-Cruz
Magnetized Strange-Quark-Matter at Finite Temperature E. López-Fune
Three Generations of Higgses and the Cyclic Groups C. Bonilla
Quadrupole Cut Coefficient for One-Loop Five Gluons Amplitudes in pure YM W. Torres
New Physcis Beyond Flavour Dogmas G. C. Branco
Recent Progress in pQCD G. Zanderighi
A Proposal of a Local Modified QCD and its Possible Links with the Massless Theory A. Cabo Montes-de-Oca
Large N Matrix Models, Gravity and Strings M. Mariño
Classicalization in Nonlinear Sigma Models L. Rachwal
Qualitative Analysis of Kantowski-Sachs Metrics in Generic f(R) Scenarios C. R. Fadragas
k-String Tension A. Armoni
Conformal Stealth for any Standard Cosmology P.I. Ramírez-Baca
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Flux Compactifications and (Generalized) Geometry M. Graña
New Massive Gravity and other Massive Deformations of General Relativity E. Bergshoeff
Delta Gravity and Cosmology J. Alfaro
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Quantum Black Holes with a Discrete Mass Spectrum N. Gausmann
Loop Quantum Gravity in 3D. May a Quantum Observable Vanish in the Classical Limit? O. Piguet
Teleparalell Dark Energy, Varying-mass Dark Matter Particles and Dynamics G. Leon
Compact Objects with Matter in Magnetized CFL Phase A. Pérez-Martínez