Workshop Fees

Participants from Latin-American countries can apply for partial financial support (ranging from 200 to 300 euros) by sending an email to This support is funded by the Office of External Activities of ICTP "Abdus Salam", Trieste, Italy.

Deadline: Bank transfers covering any of the fee payments must be issued before May 31st.

Payment of the LatinoAmerican Workshop on High Energy Physics registration fee may be executed from your country through bank transfer to the following account details:

Account Holder OCE. Ministerio Ciencia Tecnología y Medio Ambiente "Soc. Cubana Fisica"
Account Number: 0525820023270025
Bank: Banco Metropolitano
Address: Galiano 452 esq. a San José.
CP 10200

Banco Metropolitano has several Official Correpondent Banks in Europe and America. If you do not have access to banks listed, you are encouraged to visit your bank, transferences fees and taxes may change among banks. If you have any doubt with money transferences to supplied account you may contact Banco Metropolitano:

  • email:
  • Phone: (0053)-7-8683535, (0053)-7-2049189, (0053)-7-2043869 

Additionally, please verify that payment through bank transfers neither involves American Banks nor subsidiaries of American Banks, to avoid transfer retention due to the imposed American blockade that affect commercial operations with Cuba. This warning is important to avoid unpleasant situations for you and for us as well.

You may pay the conference fee upon arriving in cash as well (kindly consider to communicate it by any means to Organizing Commitee, preferably sending an e-mail to This kind of payment must be executed in cuban currency (CUC) at the official exchange rate. The Cuban CUC is valued at 8% higher than the US Dollar. Due to the US embargo, a 10% penalty is applied to US cash when changed in Cuba. Euro's and other hard currencies are not subject to that penalty. Hard currencies can be exchanged at banks and specific changing offices according to the daily rate, the banking commission for all currencies is aprox 4%. Some banks, like Banco Metropolitano S.A., have better exchange rates. The picture to the right shows some examples of CUC notes.

No facilities for payment by credit-card are available at registration.

Payments using an American Express Cards (debit or credit) are not acceptted for any financial transaction in Cuba  

Note: If you have contracted a tourism package. Your tour operator may have different policies than those stated here.