George Sudarshan's biography

sudarshan                         E. C. George SUDARSHAN is an outstanding theoretical physicist. He was born in Kottayam, Kerala, India, in 1931. At present he is Professor at the University of Texas at Austin. The professional career of ECG Sudarshan spans five decades. He discovered the V - A theory of weak interactions while working on his Ph D Thesis under the late Robert E. Marshak. He has made remarkable discoveries in many fields of physics, including quantum optics, tachyons, quantum Zeno effect, non-invariance groups, positive maps of density matrices, quantum computation, etc. His contributions include also relations between east and west science, philosophy and religion.

Career and employment

   Ph.D., University of Rochester, 1958 , under R. E. Marshak
   1957 - 1959: Corporation Fellow, Harvard University
   1959 - 1961: Assistant Professor, Rochester University
   1961 - 1963: Associate Professor, Rochester University
   1963 - 1964: Institute of Exact Sciences, University of Berne
   1965 - 1969: Professor of Physics, Syracuse University, Syracuse
   1969 - onwards: Professor of Physics, University of Texas, Austin
   1973 - 1984: Senior Professor, Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore
   1984 - 1990: Director, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai

Honors and Awards

1965 - American Physical Society Fellow
1968 - Fellow of Indian Academy of Sciences
1970 - 71 - Sir CV Raman Award
1976  - Kerala State S&T award
1976  - Padma Bhushan (Order of the Lotus) decoration by President of India,
1976   - Included in the American Men of Science
1977  - Bose Medal
1980  - Kerala Government Science and Technology Award
1985  - Third World Academy of Science Award in Physics
1988  - Fellow of Indian National Science Academy
1989  - Elected member of International Academy for the Philosophy of Science
1989   - First Honorary Fellow of Central Institute of English and other Foreign Languages
1989  - Visiting Professor of Central University at Hyderabad
1997  - Desikothama - by Viswa Bharati
2003  - Fellow of the European Academy of Arts, Science & Literature
2004  - Vedanta Sastra Ratnakara, International Academy of Vedanta, Oxford , Ohio
2006  - Recognised for his contributions to Quantum Theory of Coherence Optics, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas
Honorary degrees from Universities of Wisconsin, Chalmers at Gotheburg, Burdwan, Cochin, Kerala, Delhi, Madras.