April 6th -Friday- 12:10

"The Rabi Model and the Painlevé transcendents"

Bruno Carneiro da Cunha

(Universidad Federal de Pernambuco. Brasil)

The Rabi model describes an interaction between a single-particle bosonic and a fermionic system, and has been proposed as an effective model with applications in quantum optics and quantum computation. In this seminar we discuss some mathematical aspects of the coherent state (Bargmann) representation of the Rabi model, and its relation to the Miwa-Jimbo-Ueno isomonodromic tau function for the fifth Painlevé transcendent. The latter provides not only an analytical description of the energy levels of the Rabi model in terms of behavior of the wave function near its singular points in phase space (monodromies), but also a novel and efficient way to compute its spectrum

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