Jaunary 11th -Thursday- 12:10

"Cosmology with wide field photometric surveys"

Jacobo Asorey

(University of Queensland and Swinburne University of Technology)

One of the main unsolved problems in cosmology is to understand the nature of dark energy, the driving force of the accelerated expansion of the Universe. In order to understand the properties of dark energy, we use extra-galactic surveys such as the ongoing Dark Energy Survey. After 5 years of observing runs, its goal is to store 300 millions positions of galaxies to study the cosmic acceleration by using 4 probes: galaxy clustering, gravitational lensing, galaxy clusters and type Ia supernova. I will present some recent results from this survey, including a brief mention to the relevance of following up observations of the electromagnetic counterpart of the gravitational waves neutron star merger.

Facultad de Ciencias

Seminario de Física Atómica, Molecular y Nuclear

Universidad de Zaragoza