May 25th -Thursday- 12:10

"Dark matter particle astronomy with WIMPs and axions"

Ciaran O'Hare

(University of Nottingham)

Terrestrial dark matter detection experiments are crucially dependent on the phase space structure of the local Milky Way halo. As such the uncertainties in the astrophysical ingredients to predictions for dark matter signals feed directly into all experimental results. In this talk I will discuss the effects of astrophysical uncertainties in relation to the particle physics goals of dark matter detection. However I will also argue that terrestrial experiments are in a unique position to study this same astrophysical dependence, and in fact represent the only way to probe the local Milky Way halo at sub-milliparsec scales. I will frame this discussion in the context of two particular novel search strategies corresponding to two classes of candidate for dark matter: directional detectors in the case of WIMPs, and microwave cavity haloscopes in the case of axions.

Facultad de Ciencias

Seminario de Física Teórica

Universidad de Zaragoza