February 28th -Tuesday- 12:10

"Inflationary cosmology from classical and quantum higher-derivative gravity"

Sergei D. Odintsov

(ICE -SCIS-IEEC- and ICREA, Barcelona)

We review the occurence of inflation in different models of F(R) gravity. Number of viable examples is presented. Scallar-tensor description is used. Inflation unified with dark energy in F(R) gravity with account of quantum effects is proposed. The inflationary side is mainly caused by conformal anomaly. Inflation due to RG improved effective action of multiplicatively-renormalizable R2 gravity is studied. Finally, it is generalized for scalar QED with R2 gravity (using again RG improved effective action).

Facultad de Ciencias

Facultad de Ciencias. Aula 11, planta segunda.

Universidad de Zaragoza