January 11h -Wednesday- 12:10

"Cosmology with extragalactic surveys"

Jacobo Asorey

(University of Queensland)

In order to understand the nature and fate of the Universe, we combine multiple cosmológicas probes. In particular, we can constrain the late-time expansion and the gravitational growth history analyzing how the inhomogeneities in the Universe are distributed and how structured is the cosmic web. This can be done using catalogues from extragalactic surveys, either spectroscopic or photometric. Spectroscopic surveys provide us with accurate redshifts but they are time-expensive as we have to select the targets while wide-field imaging surveys are faster but with poorer redshift resolution. I will focus on the prospects of measuring the rate of the growth of structure with photometric surveys such as the Dark Energy Survey and I will show how to reduce the effect of some caveats related with the photometric redshift selection.

Facultad de Ciencias

Aula 1. Planta calle.

Universidad de Zaragoza