December 15h -Thursday- 12:50

"IceCube and GRB neutrinos propagating in quantum spacetime"

Niccolo Loret

(Ruder Boskovic Institute, Division of Theoretical Physics, Zagreb, Croacia)

Some recent publications have reported intriguing analyses, tentatively suggesting that some aspects of IceCube data might be manifestations of quantum-gravity-modified laws of propagation for neutrinos. I will show a strategy of data analysis (recently published on arXiv:1605.00496) which has the advantage of being applicable to several alternative possibilities for the laws of propagation of neutrinos in a quantum spacetime. In all scenarios here of interest one should find a correlation between the energy of an observed neutrino and the difference between the time of observation of that neutrino and the trigger time of a GRB. I'll show how to select accordingly some GRB-neutrino candidates among IceCube events, and the data analysis finds a rather strong such correlation. This sort of studies naturally lends itself to the introduction of a "false alarm probability", which for this analysis can be estimate conservatively to be of 1%. Very far from being a discovery, those findings should however motivate a vigorous program of investigation following the strategy that I will discuss in detail in this talk.

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