June 5th -Friday- 12:00

"Solar Axion search with Micromegas Detectors in the CAST Experiment with 3He as buffer gas"

Juan Antonio García Pascual

Axions are well motivated particles candidates to solve the Dark Matter problem. CAST, the CERN Axion Telescope has been looking for axions by exploiting the helioscope technique. The analysis of the data of the Micromegas detectors at CAST has been studied and a coupling limit has been derived. Moreover, the use of low-background techniques has led to the reduction of the background level of the detectors at CAST that will be reported. Beyond CAST, a new generation axion helioscope has been proposed, IAXO-The International Axion obserbatory that will surpass CAST sensitivity in more than one order of magnitude. Finally, a directional effect on the detection of relic axions will be studied..

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Universidad de Zaragoza